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Goreme Fairy Chimneys

Goreme Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia town is a region where nature and history combine. Natural events formed the very famous Goreme Fairy Chimneys Turkish and throughout history, people have carved homes, churches and shelters, even in these fireplaces. The city of Cappadocia which had fed commercial colonies throughout history, has become a most important crossroads of the Silk Road too.

Today it is a tourist attraction point where many foreigners and local people visit each year. Despite being a tourist place, if you are looking for a budget trip in Cappadocia, there are many reasonable alternatives.

Arriving in Cappadocia is like entering a Lord of the Rings landscape. All around, the rocks were whipped into smooth regular curves like frosting on a cake. Taking a walk on Goreme, the epicenter of the region, you go through bright green slopes with tender vines. The old men and women walking on goat paths doubled in the firewood shipments.

Beyond orchards laden in autumn you are in the fields of petrified towering giant mushrooms high in a sky crystal. Celebrated "fairy chimneys of Cappadocia" are the work of sculptor ultimate: Mother Nature Time has eroded this volcanic land in a twisted moonscape, a topographical fantasy.

Man has followed in natures footsteps ripped off houses on these rocky cones. Some have been upgraded as luxury hotels so book a cave room and live like the old (optional bathroom). Wander through the valleys and discover hundreds of churches, chapels and monasteries carved into the stone. Climb a rickety ladder to a dark entrance, not inside, and your eyes will be met by the faces of saints that adorn the walls, arches and pillars carved by local Christians, there are some 700 to 1.300 years.

The food in Turkey is great, especially sweets, so prepare yourself to gain weight, or remove it after your trip. The Turks have a very sweet tooth, but the sugar in their candy is masked to some extent by the nuts they use in baklava etc. They also love their breakfasts and most stops on the trip were set up for a full meal rather than a snack.

To obtain maximum benefit from a trip to Turkey, you really need to do some preparation, which is easy to do on the net. It is a country that reimburses such preparation several times and it would be a shame to simply limit a visit there to Istanbul and a beach.


When to go: Spring and autumn. Mid April to early June and from September to October are the best times to avoid the heat and the intense crowds of summer. If there is snow in winter the place shines, shines, and seduces all the more.

How long: At least three days to see the main highlights or a week you really lose in the landscape.

Planning: There are some excellent tour operators who can help organize trips if you do not have your own transport, but make sure they are not going to take you to carpet shops and endless pottery . Do not let some free time to wander at will.

Inside information: It is not all churches. The landscape of Cappadocia it an ideal place for outdoor activities, and there is an ever increasing amount on offer from hiking to mountain biking, rafting to horseback riding.


Oludeniz Beach Town The Place Every Tourist Should Visit

Oludeniz is a small Turkish town and a resort hotel located in the Southeast coast of Turkey. This is a holiday destination that many tourist like visiting. It is popular for its sand bay and the pebbled beach. Recently, the beach won the top five honors worldwide. Its parasailing is also rated among the best word wide. This is because it offers an overwhelming experience of the bird’s eye view from the top of Babadag’s Mountain.

The visitors of Oludeniz have the chance to visit the valley of Butterflies which is located to South of the town. This valley is a magnificent place which has several waterfalls and is inhabited by uncommon types of butterflies. These butterflies are not found in many places in the world and a visit to this place gives the visitor an opportunity to see what not so many people have seen.

While at the beach, there is ample fresh food which the visitor can enjoy. The visitor has the opportunity to have the food prepared by a chef in a personalized way in any of the restaurants in the beach.



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